This week we’re diving into the world of events. Whether you like more personal events, huge events, or something in between – there are lots of options out there for you in the world of workplace. We can’t possibly house them all in this newsletter but we’re happy to share three that are happening in the next two months that we think are worth a look. We’ll be doing an events round up once every few issues to help you keep track going forward as well. So, if you’re like us and haven’t planned ahead for events this year – this roundup is for you!

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Three Events You Should Know

From The World of Work and Place

1.Transform: April 27-29

About Transform: “Transform sits at the intersection of technology and the people transforming the workplace. The event brings together people-driven executives, future of work entrepreneurs, and workforce tech investors for three days of progressive programming, curated connections, innovative technology, and energizing after-hours networking.

Taking place over the course of 3 days, Transform features hands-on learning experiences, interactive small group discussions, music and art performances from the community, volunteer activities, 300 speakers, and the crowd-favorite after party with special musical performance!”

What We Think: For workplace professionals from the CRE, IT, and Facilities realms – attending something like Transform could be, dare we say, transformative. As all of our roles take on a more human centric focus, those at the forefront of employee experience seem to be attending this event. We’ll be there checking it out for the first time and will be reporting back on how it goes. So stay tuned for that, but why not check it out for yourself?

2. IFMA Facility Fusion: April 11-13

About Facility Fusion: “Leading from the front is about being active and engaged at all levels. It’s about taking the initiative on opportunities that are best for your organization, creating environments and experiences that reflect your unique culture and goals for the future. No matter your career level, Facility Fusion will help you strengthen your command of FM hot topics – from human factors in the workplace and tech-enabled hybrid work to achieving net zero and using data to inform strategy.”

What We Think: At a time when FM is going through a massive change management process, it’s a great idea to come together as a community to share resources and build relationships. Groups like the Workplace Evolutionaries are putting on some interesting sessions that are sure to inspire and inform. We’ll both be in attendance at Facility Fusion and hope to share more of what we learn with the greater community as well.

3. Reworked Connect: May 10-12

About Reworked Connect: “Reworked CONNECT is tailored to advance the careers of enterprise practitioners focused on employee experience, employee engagement, high performance digital workplaces, effective intranets and modern talent management. 

The vendor-neutral conference program is designed by the award winning Reworked editorial and research teams with an eye towards delivering practical leadership, strategic, technical and operational lessons that can immediately be put into practice.

Through master classes, keynotes, breakouts, technology showcases and case studies, you and your team will discover critical insights and new connections that lead to success with your present workplace challenges.”

What We Think: We’ll take any excuse to get to Austin and enjoy some fabulous food with incredible weather. With some great speakers like Ryan Anderson, Scott Galloway, and many more presenting insights – that’s a pretty awesome combo. We also really appreciate that this was a conference that focuses on learning tracks to encourage learning and cross functional education.

One Big Thing

“Each year, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture, creating mountains of solid waste that have grown 450 percent since 1960″ 2022 EPA Report

Someone you should know

In The World of Work And Place

Yester Sabondzhyan is a Director in CBRE’s Americas Consulting practice based in Los Angeles. With a background in workplace systems, analytics, operations and  project management, she strives to identify the key challenges of a company’s existing environment and develop a holistic future strategy for all parts of the workplace and employee experience. Yester has a unique understanding of tech-media/start-up companies with a decade of experience as a workplace leader on the “other side” aka the “client side” at both Netflix and Hulu.

In Her Own Words: “I am an Angeleno through and through – born and raised in the City of Angels. I am a first-generation Armenian-American who grew up around A LOT of family, food and tradition. All those things remain a huge part of my life today. Catch me in the kitchen and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

The discipline and perseverance I picked up from my immigrant parents shaped the way I tackled, both, opportunities and obstacles. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Communication Studies and Political Science. I had every intention of becoming a lawyer until I took a temp facilities job at Netflix right after graduation, and, well, the rest is history. 

Over a decade later, I revel in what I’ve made of my career because I get to work with people from all walks of life EVERY SINGLE DAY. I help organizations create an experience worth experiencing!”

A product we’re into right now


About Reseat: Great commercial furniture is built to last but 99% of it ends up in landfill. Reseat is revolutionizing the office furniture industry with a mission to provide top-quality, pre-loved items and establish a sustainable and circular industry. Fueled by an innovative online marketplace that emerged during the pandemic, they’re leading change towards a more responsible future. Reseat helps you keep track of your furniture’s unique journey, so that when the time comes to pass it on to its next owner – tomorrow or a year from now – all the details are right at hand.

It’s not just an online marketplace; it’s also an Enterprise Tool that lets you move, donate, sell, and view each second-life furniture’s carbon data. With the Reseat ID Enterprise Tool, Reseat helps you plan ahead of your move. By planning ahead, you avoid making the mistake of having all of your commercial furniture end up in landfill. Gone are the days of rushing to offload furniture in the frenzy of a move. Reseat is embodying the circular economy framework with our marketplace, Reseat IDs, and Reseat ID Enterprise Tool. Embark with Reseat on a journey towards accountability and sustainability.

What We Think: The fact that the majority of furniture winds up in a landfill before it’s useful life has even ended is a huge issue. We love anything that enables a more circular and sustainable way of doing business. It’s even better that the Reseat team is working to make it easy for you to track the useful life of your furniture and then resell it once you’re ready to part ways. Whether by choice or by legislation, sustainable practices are necessary to help ensure our planets future. As workplace leaders we can meet our sustainability goals, and not make it burdensome on our teams by utilizing solutions like Reseat.

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