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This week we were excited to have the opportunity to attend two separate events. Our co-founder Kayla is representing Collective at IFMA’s World Workplace and speaking about the importance of Sustainability efforts in the world of FM. Meanwhile Omar roadtripped to San Diego to join a panel at Culture Summit in alongside Nellie Hayat of Density and Yoon Kong of OurPlace. We’ll be sharing more insights from both events soon and maybe even share our #workplaceroadtrip playlist soon.

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Three Things You Should Know

From The World of Work and Place

1. TikTok Rankles Employees With Return to Office Tracking Tools

As reported in the New York Times, US employees are upset over a new attendance tracking tool, MyRTO, and in-person work mandates, threatening disciplinary actions for non-compliance. The tool, integrated into the company’s software, monitors badge swipes and requires explanations for absences. Visible to employees and supervisors, it’s part of TikTok’s effort to enforce office attendance thrice a week starting October. Employees find the disciplinary tone and monitoring excessive, fostering fear rather than transparent communication. This move contrasts with the hybrid work model adopted by many companies post-pandemic. The report that TikTok’s stance might be influenced by its Asia-Pacific leadership where in-person work has largely resumed. Let us hope that this new enhanced tool won’t have employees dancing out the door and into the doors of another employer.

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2. What Hybrid and Remote Employees Really Want

A new report from FlexOS reports that hybrid and remote employees desire more flexible working hours, better managerial support, and enhanced company engagement for improved work experience. They reject the traditional 9-to-5 office routine, valuing not just where, but when and how they work. FlexOS research indicates that half of such employees see flexible hours as a significant work enhancer. While a flexible workplace and autonomy are appreciated, they also seek clear communication, trust-building with managers, in-person interactions, and better technology. The study reveals a demand for more in-office days from 30% of hybrid employees, though the ideal balance between office and remote days varies. Managers received a modest rating of 7/10 for effectively managing hybrid/remote teams, indicating a need for improvement in communication, task management, and team bonding. Additionally, 33% of employees want better remote technology and infrastructure, with 43% considering quitting if forced to return to the office full-time, showcasing a strong preference for maintaining flexible work arrangements. The entire report is worth looking through as it also contains some great insights from practitioners like Darren Murph, Brian Elliott, and Ashley Herd as well.

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3. The Impacts of Off-Sites on Async Collaboration

In this recent episode of the FlexIndex’s “FlexPerspectives,” Rob Sadow and Raj Choudhury discuss the “geography of work” and a study on offsites’ impact on relationship development and asynchronous collaboration. They explore geographic flexibility in hybrid/remote work, the benefits of temporary co-location for remote teams, and offer practical strategies for executives on organizing in-person meetings, addressing work-related migration challenges, and enhancing team interactions especially among diverse team members. It’s a lively discussion with some real practical information that can be beneficial to all workplace teams right now.

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Together with
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One Big Thing

50.4% National Office Occupancy – Kastle’s “Back To Work” Barometer

What’s Happening in The Collective Connect Community?

Our latest live session is coming up fast this Friday!  Denise Brouder of SwayWorkplace will be sharing insights on leading hybrid teams.  This is the work that Denise lives and breathes every day so we’re very happy she has agreed to come and both share information, but also answer the community’s burning questions about making hybrid work. You can join the session below in the community, or via LinkedIn as well.

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