A collaboration space for all Work and Place professionals to come together, connect, and share insights.

Build meaningful connections

Access an exclusive space where Work and Place leaders are genuinely heard and understood.

Have real conversations

This space isn’t a boring forum that will be filled with sales and marketing tactics. It’s actually going to have real cross functional industry dialogue.

Feel encouraged to be yourself

We embrace our community with diversity and openness to ask questions, share insights, and act human and so can you.

Why join Collective Connect?

Inclusive environment

We want all sectors of our workplace world to join in this community. That includes FM, CRE, HR, IT, Experience, Design & Construction.

Real connections

Real people helping each other make progress. Whether it’s sharing resources or just being a place to get deep about the ups and downs of our field.

We have fun

Through our Collective Table series we bring the community together in person. What’s the point of all this work without a little fun?


How does it work?

You will receive an invite from our community to sign up. You can easily sign up through your LinkedIn account for streamlined access and network building.

Immediately Interact

Once you’re signed in you have free access to the forums moving forward. Nothing else to do but be an active member of the community.

Who governs the conversations?

The Collective team will be part of the conversations and will help monitor the dialogue and ensure the community upholds our inclusive community guidelines.

Join the Community.

What happens when you put a bunch of Work and Place leaders in a room? 

We can’t wait to find out.

Resources to keep in your back pocket.

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Workplace Solution Ecosystem

A first of it’s kind listing of Workplace Solutions curated by Collective.


AP Credential

A LEED AP credential distinguishes those with advanced knowledge in green building, plus expertise in a particular LEED rating system…

About Collective

We enable workplace professionals so we can create a better future of work and place.