Step Inside the Ring: How to be a Storytelling Champ at Work

Storytelling is so much more than finding the right words to say. It’s a complex and dynamic process that encompasses all the senses and a level of confidence as the speaker. Pick up this book to explore the psychology behind storytelling and bring it to life using an unexpected connection – the world of professional wrestling. (stick with us!) While many storytelling books ground their discussion with examples from classic literature or expert business leaders, we propose that the sports entertainment industry has a unique and extremely successful take that we can learn from. For decades, professional wrestlers have proven that storytelling is about creating a multidimensional experience and calculating a risk to get an audience’s attention.

This is not your typical book – we want to teach, entertain, and help you quickly and easily apply what you’ve read. Finish this book and you’ll feel confident in finding your “Storytelling Champ” character and a story to bring to real-world programs to influence, inspire, or teach in your company.