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Brett Hautop

Founder @ Workshape, Former VP of Global Workplace LinkedIn

Leni Rivera

Owner @ WorkplaceXperience

Brian Elliott

Tech Executive, Advisor,
Co-Founder @ Future Forum

Jonathan Johnson

Former Director of Workplace Operations @ Guild



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Information Overload

We curate information to help you find the signals in the noise of modern information overload.

Siloed Professions

We all get stuck in our walled gardens of algorithms and social media circles. Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for that — yet. So we’re working to bring you quality information and resources you might otherwise miss.

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I am the type of person who meticulously guards their inbox. I am always very excited when the Collective Work & Place newsletter hits my new messages queue. I often drop what I am doing just to check it out because I have found that it's filled with both useful insights and relevant updates that have definitely kept me in the loop on things that I likely have missed. On top of that it's a very fun and easy read, which puts it in the very small list of other email newsletters like The Morning Brew… that are both entertaining and full of useful information. I’m certainly excited to see where they take it from here as this thing is just getting started!

Brett Hautop

Founder @ Workshape, Former VP of Global Workplace LinkedIn

There are only a handful of newsletters that I will stop to read from the beginning to the end, Collective Bookmarks is one. The content reliably cuts through the noise and delivers the insights I need to stay current on trends & insights in a succinct and easy read. You're missing out if it's not on your list.

Denise Brouder

Founder, Head of Data & Insights @ SWAY Workplace

Collective is a community hub that curates essential content for workplace pros. Their newsletter keeps me in the loop without wasting time. It's like having a smart friend who knows the industry.

Iwo Szapar

Co-Founder & Head of Remote @ Remote-First Institute, CEO @ Remote-How

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