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Last week we had an awesome Collective Live session with Kirsty Angerer from Leesman. She shared some incredible insights from their research and you can find the replay of the entire live session below. We hope you’ll join for our next one in November where we’ll be joined by Rob Sadow from Scoop and he will share their latest from the FlexIndex by Scoop.

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Three Things You Should Know

From The World of Work and Place

1. Purpose Plummets: How To Bring Back What Matters Most

In her most recent article for Forbes, Tracy Brower look at the state of Purpose in work and the results of recent poll by HP that revealed that only 28% of people find their work meaningful and gives them a sense of purpose. She argues that purpose in work is crucial for motivation, engagement, and overall satisfaction. Tracy provides some actionable advice for how organizations can execute on this now.

    She also notes that individuals can take responsibility for finding purpose in their work by pursuing meaningful projects, building connections with colleagues, and recognizing others. Tracy notes that creating fulfilling work experiences benefits both employees and organizations, leading to a future filled with meaning, significance, and purpose.

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    What We Think:  Finding work with sense of purpose is definitely the dream. We all would love to work at companies with a mission we support, and that also ties into our personal values. Finding that right fit can take time and it’s important to keep that in mind. Supporting yourself is important, and being able to gain purpose from your work is definitely something to strive for. Just don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t found it yet.

    2. A Look at 5 Work Order Solutions

    In our latest product roundup we look at the Work Order Solution category. Stephanie Trovato outlines what these solutions are, the functionalities, and benefits they have to workplace professionals and end users. She also takes a deep dive into five solutions currently in the market: Spica TechnologiesEdenTMA SystemsCartegraphSPACEWELL | A Nemetschek Company. Read on below for more information.

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    3. Creating a Happier Workplace Is Possible — and Worth It

    This article by Jennifer Moss in HBR looks at the current state of unhappiness and disengagement in the workplace, with Gallup data showing that engagement is at its lowest in a decade, especially among younger workers and women. Many employees are quietly or openly quitting their jobs due to unhappiness. She notes that happiness at work is not just beneficial for employees but also for employers, as happy workers are linked to a 13% increase in productivity, while unhappiness costs the world trillions in lost productivity. To address this issue the author suggests that we look to: reimagine flexibility, rebuild belonging, and restore purpose. Moss emphasizes that it’s essential for both employees and employers to prioritize happiness at work, and calls for a novel approach to creating happier workplaces.

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    What We Think: As the author notes – happiness isn’t just good for humans, it also leads to greater productivity.  We know happiness at work can feel kind of cheesy, but it’s our work has a massive effect on our daily lives.  We spend a significant amount of time with our co-workers and we feel that striving for happiness is a worthwhile goal.  

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    Someone You Should Know

    In the world of Work and Place

    Ali Stricklin was born into a multi-generational LA family with roots in interior design. Growing up, Ali was empowered to make her own design decisions and began to hone her personal style at a young age. Weekends were spent scouring the Rose Bowl Flea Market with her mother. While she went on to pursue a career in business development, corporate marketing and events, her passion for designing spaces and building memorable experiences led her to found Strick Designs.

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