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Three Things You Should Know

From The World of Work and Place

1. Driving Value Through CRE Technology

According to JLL’s Global Technology Survey, real estate teams will prioritize solutions for operational agility over the next three years, while investors focus on tools for value creation and risk management. Sustainability solutions will see the most significant increase in technology spending across organizations.

However, despite Artificial Intelligence and clean tech solutions being viewed as game-changers, they state that many companies have limited understanding and low adoption rates for these technologies currently. Meeting technology goals is a challenge for most firms, emphasizing the importance of developing a tailored technology strategy, building a resilient operating model, and embracing new ways of working to achieve robust technology capabilities and successful adoption. Check out the full report below.

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2. What are the Most Important Features of Office Design?

In their latest feature RICS’ Modus reports that as more companies shift away from remote work and require employees to return to the office several days a week, a survey conducted by KPMG suggests that 64% of CEOs believe workers will return to full-time office work by 2026. This potential return to the office has significant implications for the commercial real estate sector. A report by Leesman, based on responses from 158,000 individuals in 1,315 workplaces worldwide, highlights the key factors that employees consider important in their office environments. The report emphasizes that a dedicated space for individual, desk-based work is the most essential aspect, valued by 92% of respondents. Additionally, temperature control, noise levels, and natural light are critical factors affecting indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

The pandemic prompted employees to reevaluate their work conditions, leading to increased expectations for office environments. They note that these expectations vary with age, with older employees showing higher sensitivity to IEQ elements such as noise levels, office lighting, and air quality. Desk and chair quality, as well as adequate toilet facilities, also play crucial roles in an office’s functionality. Furthermore, the incorporation of biophilic elements, such as plants, can enhance well-being and creativity. Ultimately, engaging employees in discussions and transparent decision-making processes are vital for creating satisfactory office environments. Read the full article below.

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3. Managing Teams in a World of Individuals

As reported in the economist, the importance of teamwork in organizations is on the rise, driven by factors such as technology facilitating idea sharing and hybrid work arrangements. However, management practices have not kept pace with this shift towards collaboration. While teams have been shown to excel at solving complex problems, hiring and performance management processes still heavily emphasize individual achievements. Metrics and reviews often focus on individual targets and concrete outputs, neglecting softer team-based measures. Many bosses lack insight into their teams’ daily activities, which can hinder effective management. Nevertheless, there are ways to address these challenges, such as assessing traits that make good group members during the hiring process and using peer reviews to gauge team dynamics. Ultimately, while employees are individuals, optimizing team performance is crucial, and understanding how teams operate is a valuable starting point for better management. Read on below.

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One Big Thing

“Initiating a dialogue is the most straightforward and inclusive approach to progress. Most employees appreciate decision-making processes that are transparent and well-explained.”  – Catherine Lai MRICS

A Product We’re Into

Future of Work GPT

From the bestselling authors of “How The Future Works”. The flexwork exec coach helps leaders implement and evolve their flexible work policies, building on the playbooks and research available from the book & the last few years of flexwork research at the Future Forum. We think it’s super cool to see Helen Lee Kupp continue to build upon the work she did with the Future Forum team. It’s also great to see it as an open resource that makes the knowledge in the book she wrote with her co-authors, more accessible.

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