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This is our last newsletter of the year and wow does it feel like 2023 flew by!  We’re bringing you some interesting stories to wrap up the year alongside some prediction lists from some of our favorite thinkers.  

We truly appreciate you all reading this newsletter in 2023 and are excited to continue sharing insights with you in 2024!  If you have suggestions for topics or how we can improve in the new year, feel free to shoot a note to  We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year – Collective

Three Things You Should Know

From The World of Work and Place

1. Ten Predictions for AI and Real Estate from Dror Poleg

In his latest article Dror Poleg provides some predictions on where we’re headed with real estate and AI going into 2024.  Two we thought were really interesting were #2 the idea that AI will make the world navigable for machines and #10 that our increased digital presence will make in person time more valuable.  

Robots are all around us already.  This may depend where you live but in Los Angeles there are delivery robots rolling around the sidewalks all over.  Some are better at navigating than others.  But increasing the accuracy of navigation isn’t just important for your Doordash order, it’s also the key for self driving cars to become a widespread reality.   If AI can help move that future foward faster it’ll have a really interesting effect on our indoor and outdoor spaces.

His prediction #10 is interesting in the context of our workplace worlds.  The more and more distributed teams are, and the more time we spend in digital workplaces – the more important it is that we have really impactful in person time.  Planning your team gathering last minute probably isn’t going to fly in 2024.  Creating experiences that folks will remember and that build strong bonds will be vital.  Read on below for more.

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2. Gable’s 2023 Workplace Trend Report

Gable’s been a on a roll this year with their sessions and resources.  Their 2023 workplace report is no exception.  It’s full of interesting insights and pieces of information about the current state of workplace.  The piece we found most fascinating was that 70% of the folks who responded to their survey had a difficult time coordinating a way to work in person with colleagues.  Hybrid time coordination is a massive issue and thankfully there’s a number of companies working on it.  We don’t think that issue is going to be fully resolved in 2024 but here’s hoping!  Read on below for more.

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3. Forbes’ 2024 Workplace Predictions

Forbe’s predictions for 2024 might have read like science fiction 4 years ago.  To us the most important one is the prediction that whether we like it or not AI is here to stay.  It seems like AI was suddenly everywhere in the past year and companies have been fast at work to integrate it into every app imaginable.  However, AI literacy is going to quickly start to be table stakes as we enter 2024.   AI definitely doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, unlike some other trends (cough NFTs).  Read on below for more.

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One Big Thing

Ultimately, the physical world will have to adapt to accommodate a society and economy that are increasingly unpredictable, volatile, and polarized. – Dror Poleg

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