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Welcome to a special Friday edition of Collective Bookmarks. This week’s newsletter is an 7 minute read, or the time it takes to find parking at the office on a Wednesday. Collective Bookmarks is sponsored by HQO, the world’s leading workplace experience platform. Be sure to check out the product launch mid newsletter from their team!

Fall events are in full swing and we’re out there listening and having dialogue with so many incredible people. As we attend these we’ll be sharing out what we see and hear from these events each month. This week we were at Worktech LA and Omar hosted an awesome panel about workplace test pilots. The Worktech team put on an excellent event with some awesome presentations including the excellent one pictured below from David Dewane from Geniant on the workplace as a Eudaemonia machine. The work he and his team are doing is extremely interesting and you should give them a follow.

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Worktech LA 2023

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Three Things You Should Know

From The World of Work and Place

1. How Many Hours Do We Lose To Distraction?

In the modern workplace, distractions, such as messages, meetings, and notifications, significantly hinder focus and productivity, costing not only time but also untapped potential. A study sponsored by Dropbox and conducted by Economist Impact reveals that the economic opportunity of regaining lost focus is substantial, with the U.S. alone having nearly $1.4 trillion at stake. The research indicates that AI-powered tools and automation are pivotal in enhancing focus and productivity, with 79% of users reporting increased productivity. Furthermore, flexible and asynchronous working models, which cater to both remote and in-office workers, are essential in fostering an environment conducive to focus and meaningful work. While chat apps and meetings have been identified as major disruptors of productive work, adopting AI and automation tools, alongside intentional work practices, can pave the way towards a more efficient, focused, and satisfying work experience, maximizing economic and innovative output.

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2. Cohesion & Team Identity

In her latest article for Collective Thoughts Kelly Colón writes about the sense of belonging that serves as the driving force behind motivation, commitment, and a team’s performance. She dives into crafting a team identity, explains the psychology of belonging, motivation types, and examples of cohesive teams.

As workplace professionals, this article is a great reference with practical information and guidance to better improve your teams in your organization.

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3. Why Our Brains Will Struggle with Returning To An Office

In his latest Fast Company article, Dr Gleb Tsipursky writes about how the pandemic-induced shift to remote work has not only altered our daily routines but also significantly impacted our brains and productivity. The quietude of home offices has conditioned our brains to work in a serene environment, making the return to the bustling traditional office a challenge due to increased susceptibility to distractions. This phenomenon, backed by numerous studies, highlights the negative impact of noise and interruptions prevalent in open office layouts on employee productivity and satisfaction. While some propose more office time to “exercise” our brains to handle distractions, a more viable solution appears to be the hybrid work model. This model leverages the advantages of both work environments, allowing focused work to be done at home and collaborative activities at the office, thereby respecting our brain’s neuroplasticity, valuing in-person interactions, offering flexibility, and ensuring adaptability to future changes. He notes that the hybrid model stands out as a forward-thinking approach, ensuring productivity and satisfaction by harmoniously blending the calm of remote work with the collaborative energy of office spaces.

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Together with

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One Big Thing

“In the US, where salaries are highest, $468 billion is lost to distractions each year.” – Dropbox Study on Productivity

What’s Happening in The Collective Connect Community?

Hot on the heels of our last community session with Denise Brouder, we’re excited to welcome Kirsty Angerer to lead a session on The Workplace Reset. Kirsty is one of the incredible people leading development at Leesman and the research they are conducting is top notch. The insights from this session should not be missed. You can join the community below or if you’re already a member just log in to the home page.

A Product We’re Into

Nomadic 6

Inspired by the worlds of remote work, organizational psychology, experience design, leadership, wellness and company culture, Nomadic6 is on a mission to build communities in spaces designed for human thriving.

We believe with the right setting and intention, no challenge is too complex to solve when people are able to thrive.

Our team specializes in event strategy for distributed teams.

Our goal is to reconnect your people through leadership summits, conferences, off-sites, retreats, and workstations while saving you your human resources.

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